A Self-help Guide for the unsure workaholics. Take a break.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, the people of Bengaluru were considered to be quite chilled out. It probably had something to do with the weather. Now, the city has an exploding working population that does not rest even on the weekends. You may think you are busy, invincible or totally OK. The hard truth is, you need a break from work and you don’t know it. If you agree to any of the following, take a break NOW.

I need more time

You are always in a haste to get things done and wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. Regardless of what time you start, you can never finish your tasks. A break from work will help you sort your priorities and work efficiently.

Break? I live at the office

You spend more time at work than you do at home. You eat dinner at your desk while staring at your screen, and sometimes nod off only to wake up in panic moments later to finish what you started. If you are always stuck to the desk and shuttling between meetings, then you certainly need a day of radio silence to de-stress. Unless you work at Google, I suggest you stop living at the office. Go hiking or camping to truly escape from the phone grid.

What social life?

You have not met your first cousins in months and miss every special celebration in the family. Your friends are frustrated with you for canceling plans three times in a row, and now you fear that your job has robbed you of what really matters. Take a few days off, gather them all and take a trip.

I sleep with my phone

Your phone has become your partner. Sometimes you hate it, other times you feel so connected to it that you can’t let it out of your sight. You wake up to the blue screen and you kiss it goodnight. Unfortunately, the notifications that keep you jumpy are from work and not from your family. Schedule ‘no-phone’ hours every day.

I hate my job but I need it

It probably made you happy once upon a time, or it was the means to an end. Now you are just stuck in the labyrinth with no means to escape. You need distance to find yourself and the things that make you happy.

Walk? Let’s take the elevator

You are lethargic all the time thanks to the hours at the desk. You religiously pay your gym fees online, but have never seen the place in real. You have been upset about that belly fat and wish you had the time to workout, but 24 hours is really not enough time for all that. Plan a weekly or monthly hiking trip with your colleagues. You can also train for marathons while you are at it.

Caffeine is in my blood

You take coffee like a fish drinks water. Either that or a couple of smokes to keep those nicotine levels high so you can get the work done. Hard truth is that no drug in the world can make the work go away.

So, now that you agree. How about a solo trip to ease the pain?