Yeah I know that my post title is Hilary Duff’s song title. That’s where I got my inspiration. Yeah her song was on the lines of love, but it applies to every bit of life, I gathered.

Lot of things happen in life, and I don’t know why people make a big deal of everything. You get low marks on a paper? You lost your boyfriend? You embarrassed yourself in public? You discovered that someone hates you? Big deal. These are trivial things. Nothing can equal the happiness you experience when you feel you are enjoying life. That’s all life is for. Just to have fun as you pass everyday.

Brush it off, walk with your head held high. Never let anything spoil your moment of happiness for you, which should probably last a lifetime. Problems come in your life, it’ll probably drain you of all your energy. But you know all that worrying is not really worth it.

My friend Kris once told me “What’s the point in worrying if you can find a solution anyway, and why worry if  you are not gonna find the solution at all?” That kinda made sense you know? Its true that worrying is an unnecessary intermediate. Its kind of an inhibitor in your chemical reaction. Without an inhibitor, the reaction will proceed smoothly giving you maximum desired product. Coming to the undesired product, throw it in the bin. or recycle it. Don’t keep it and crib about it and turn it into an inhibitor for the next reaction.

People hardly ever realize this fact, but sometimes when you have a fight and you worry about it, you fail to acknowledge that the other person would probably be playing foosball with some friends. What I’m trying to say is, maybe the other person doesn’t give a (pardon me for using this word!) crap for what you feel. So why should you, waste all your precious time and energy on worrying while you have so many other things to do like Move on!!

Yea come on, open those windows in your stuffy little room. “Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in” (Natasha bedingfield – Unwritten). Mistakes happen, its a part of life. You can’t run away from it. But you can always learn from it. You know once I made a big fool of myself in front of 200 odd people on stage. I was so embarrassed that day. Even now sometimes the nightmare haunts me. But then I realized that it was so way back in the past, probably no one will remember it. There are somethings that you just have to let go.

Everyday is a new chapter in your book and it can make all the difference while you are reading it. it may be sad first few pages but the rest of the book could leave you very happy and the ending will be happy anyways. Everybody has a happy ending. Believe in it. Its true. You’ll find your place in the world someday. You just need to have some patience. And all the bad things that happen, just let go of it. Cleanse yourself off all the negativity. Forget all the bitter things.

So, Chill people, Throw all the garbage away where it belongs, and move on, that’s how you get to enjoy and totally live your life. Try it and see, Life will turn out to be a never ending never boring PARTY!!! 🙂

If its over, let it go and,
Come tomorrow it will seem,
So yesterday, So yesterday,
Haven’t you heard, I’m gonna be ok! 🙂