Stress Buster Meaning: anything that relieves or reduces stress or tension; relaxant. Example: Meditation

Stress buster meaning talk stress out of the system

Stress is just as much a part of us like our arms, feet or blood. Babies also tend to experience stress at birth, and it continues to grow as physical, chemical, biological, environmental and emotional factors feed it. Did you know that 4 out of 5 people suffer from anxiety, nervousness, phobia, depression, panic attacks or other stress-related disorders?

Chronic stress often manifests itself as a physical symptom. It is the root cause of many diseases like hypertension, hyper/hypothyroidism, diabetes, neuro-disorders, cancer and more. The secret to preventing stress from ruling your life lies in a few sly techniques of relaxation.

stress buster meaning

“I can’t sit still and say Aum”

You don’t have to. Meditation is just a type of relaxation technique. There are different kinds of meditation too, and not all of them require you to hum Aum. However, you have to find a quiet place and spend a few moments in silence to minimize distractions and relax your mind.

The benefit of Aum mantras? It pulls your mind away from any train of thought and focuses only on the mantra. If you are upset about a trifle at work, mantras can certainly help you feel light-hearted. Additionally, they stimulate the senses with the notes spreading a wave of calm.

stress buster meaning talk to your stress

“It hasn’t worked for me before”

No remedy works overnight. It takes weeks and months of practice to feel an absolute difference. Don’t do it if you doubt it. A positive attitude takes you a long mile on the road to stress relief. You also need to dedicate at least 20 minutes of your time every day without distractions or excuses. If you are stressing yourself over relaxation, then you are going about this the wrong way.

stress buster meaning relax

“Ok. I’m listening. What’s the right way?”

Relaxing is a natural process. There are multiple ways to achieve it. While exercise, dance, chilling with friends, watching a movie, and other fun ways help you relieve your mind of anxiety, they are not long term solutions. Here’s a great mindfulness technique that will help you literally talk your stress out of your body.

    • Close your eyes

      The idea is to minimize visual distractions and turn your focus towards your body (physical and emotional).

    • Focus on your breathing

      This is the best way to ground yourself. As you do this more often, you will learn to belly breathe. Inhale slowly, let your stomach expand first as your lungs fill up. Exhale slowly and let your stomach relax as the air in your lungs takes the stress out of you. Your breathing will be uneven and raspy when you begin, and as you calm down, you will notice a change in the pattern.

    • Watch your body

      With your eyes closed, watch the way your body feels. Notice the tingling areas, the tense areas, and just the way your body is slumped over the sofa or chair. Quietly, tell your bones and muscles to relax, even your face, ears, eyes, nose, jaw, fingers, toes, elbows, knees and just every area of your body to just chill. Feel yourself let go.

    • Watch your thoughts

      Most people think that relaxation is to achieve a thoughtless This is an impossible feat. It is to be able to observe your thoughts and let them pass by. Do not engage with those thoughts and get carried away. It’s alright if you do. Focus on your breathing to ground yourself again.

    • The power of words

      The Law of Attraction does work if you put it to test. Keep negative thoughts out of your mind. While you feel calm, try a few positive affirmations every day. Simple things like “I love myself” “I feel calm” “I am having a great day” “I feel confident” can do wonders.

“Will it really work?”

Remember. Positive affirmations. It may seem quite awkward at first, but you will be surprised to see its effects. It’s just stress. It will leave if you ask. Politely.