A country with an amalgamation of cultures such as the Chinese, Indian, Malay, Peranakan, Indonesian and more, Singapore has a rich heritage that dates back to 2nd century AD. The cultural diversity in the country is highly indicative in the various cuisines that feature mouth-watering aromas and flavors. Similar to all South Asian cuisines, Singaporeans give a lot of importance to spices in their cooking to enhance the flavor and improve the nutrient factor of the food.

A walk around Chinatown would provide you with an opportunity to taste both simple and exotic dishes from all around China. An array of dishes from Cantonese dim sum to South Indian dosas, American burgers to Italian pasta, Singapore offers food that suits every palate.

The food with fortune cookies

As Singapore is home to a large population of Chinese people, their cuisine is quite popular. Originating from their beliefs in Feng Shui, the Chinese believe in balancing flavors in food like Yin and Yang qualities of the Five Elements. As one of the Asian population, the Chinese follow a healthy diet that promotes longevity.

Their food includes high amount of proteins and nutrients. In fact, Chinese food like oysters signify good fortune while noodles indicate longevity, and fish symbolizes prosperity. Thus their diet is focused mainly on noodles and seafood. Some of the most famous Chinese dishes served in Singapore are the Hainanese chicken rice, popiah, Peking duck, and Kokkien mee. As the harbor brings a lot of fresh seafood, the Chinese make yummy soups and spicy dishes like noodles, fish-head curry, chili crab, seafood and chicken-based soups, and other meals from Hakkas Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew cultures.

Truly Malaysia

 Malay food combines the natural taste of vegetables and meat with various Asian spices to bring an explosion of flavors in the mouth. The cuisine has dishes that contain just the right amount of spice blended with coconut milk to dull down the hotness of chili. The Nasi Lemak is one of the famous Malay dishes made out of spiced and flavored coconut steamed rice. Other dishes include Ikan bakar that is grilled fish flavored with spices, Tempoyak (fermented durian extract flavored with spices and chilli), Keropok lekor (a savory cake of minced fish and rice flour) and more.

A taste of India

With high importance given to spices, Singaporean food has been greatly influenced by Indian cuisines. With various types of cuisines from all over India, the choices are abundant and rich in flavor consisting of spicy curries, flat breads, tandoor dishes, and more. South Indian food includes idlis, dosas, spicy sambhars, and various stew and gravies that are cooked in coconut milk. The North Indian dishes feature flavored rice dishes, naan breads, various types of curries, and much more. The fish-head curry that is popular in Singapore can be found in its spiciest variation in the Indian restaurants.

 It is quite true when people say that traveling to Singapore is enough to experience the whole of Asia. You would certainly feel like you experienced the taste of Asia as you take a bite of the Singaporean cuisine.