We are the 21st century humans and cannot live without the aid of technology. We wake up to the messages on our smartphones, eat while watching the sports channel on TV, sometimes even play a game or two while in the loo.

While being tech-savvy has its own advantages, it does hamper our body in ways that we fail to notice. Tech geeks have distinct posture defects. They begin showing effects as muscle aches once in a while and later evolve into major conditions that affect our health and lifestyle. Check your posture every few minutes to enjoy pain-free game time and a healthy lifestyle. 

Thumbs that can’t stop texting 


It’s always exciting to see a message from your friends and constantly talk about where you’ve been and what you’ve done. The Candy Crush rage is as strong as a gamer’s love to play on his XBOX or PS3. These fun activities demand the constant attention of your fingers including repeated and restricted movement that can have a great negative impact on your joints. It is one of the major factors causing joint inflammation and tendonitis today.

It is not necessary to lock those devices away. Instead, take breaks and cut short your game time to give your fingers ample time to relax between your texting and gaming sessions.

The coders and decoders

Cute-baby-boy-use-laptop_1920x1200 It is safe to assume that almost all jobs require us to spend some time at the desk staring at the bright computer screens and typing away at something. You may be social networking, coding, emailing or designing while your body suffers because of your posture. Bad ergonomics will eventually result in stressed muscles at neck, back and shoulder. You might even experience some joint pain and numbness from long hours of sitting. Typing away in a frenzy will again cause joint inflammation and flexibility issues in your arms and fingers.

Ensure that you use an ergonomically fit environment for working. Take regular breaks to exercise and relax your muscles. Don’t hunch too much and stretch every half hour to relieve muscular tension.

The couch potatoes


Toddlers or adults, the hours you spend on the couch watching television have serious implications on your posture. Sure, you might feel very comfortable crawled up like your cat on one corner of the couch, but this always puts a great deal of pressure on your spine. Forcing your body into awkward positions will lead to pain, tingling and numbness over time at the lower back, spine, shoulder or neck regions. Eventually, you’ll just be old-man-hunchback or the Crooked Man from the nursery rhyme.

Sit in a comfortable position that does not apply much strain on your body. Also, keep shifting so the muscles relax from time-to-time.

Great posture boosts confidence and changes the way you are perceived by other people. Walk tall, straight, live life to the fullest without any health problems caused by posture defects.