evolution of God shruti suresh

Every once in a while, a child (or an adult) stops to wonder, who ‘God’ is, and why everyone talks about him/her so much when we can’t even sense his presence. There are daily miracles, but a scientist would say that probability can explain those miracles better than the concept of God.

If you go by the big bang theory, it wasn’t until many centuries later that man took birth on this planet. Let’s take it slow. In a wolf’s pack, an alpha is not just their leader, but their God. He is a protector, creator and their salvation. Similarly, in a jungle, the lion is king. He is the strongest of them all. He owns the pride. He is their protector. He is also the destroyer. He also creates the pride. Every animal in the jungle fears the lion. It is safe to say, to them, he is God.

Going by this logic, when man was evolving from his ape form, he was worshiping an animal. Slowly, he got stronger than the animal. He shed the idea of an animal protector.

He discovered the wrath of fire, water, wind and earth as he experienced natural calamities. He realized that these elements of nature were extremely powerful. He recognized them as his protectors. So came the Fire God and his siblings. He even worshiped trees and plants at this stage.

Man was probably toiling away one day, gathering food in daylight before the scavengers of the night came to prey. Suddenly darkness crept upon him and so did fear. He was confused as he thought there was a lot of time till sunset and here, the darkness had swallowed the sun. He prayed to his Gods to protect him and bestow light. Nothing happened. He then prayed to the sun himself to show mercy, to forgive him for any sin. In just a few seconds, the sun crept out of the shadow, smiling bright as ever. Behold, the birth of Sun God and the other celestial gods.

Science proves that human brain is highly evolved. We are eons ahead of any other being on this planet. It didn’t take long for man to recognize his true potential. He wasn’t arrogant enough to believe that he didn’t need a protector, or that he was God. He began to think, since God was all powerful and intelligent, he could only be alike one species on this planet. Like man himself. That’s when man began seeing God in his own form. It was more comforting, reassuring and logical. God was supernatural with greater powers. At the same time, God was relatable, much like man.

Just like Darwin’s finches, the concept of God evolved in different ways. In the end, it assumed the same form – human.

evolution of superhuman god

The question now remains, why did man or any other animal need God?

Isn’t the world a scary place when you think there’s none other than yourself to save you when you are in danger? Isn’t the bed more comfortable when you know there’s a powerful force out there guarding you against the monsters under your bed? Wouldn’t it be kinder to think that force would take care of you when you wither away rather than the cold acceptance of abyss?

We are all social animals who’d like to be protected by our mothers, fathers, grandfathers and an external force. We’d also like to KNOW about this force in our own way. It could be legends, myths or proven facts. It could be religion, spirituality or science. This is how we see Universe. It’s our perception. It’s an extension of our imagination.

Could God be a man-made concept?