Spring is near, and it is time to pack all your bags, and fly away to a place to get some relaxation and enjoyment for this year. Well, when you are there having a drink or two, and playing a game of poker, it might just cross your mind to flirt around with someone at the bar.

The rules of a spring fling have been stressed on time and again, yet you seem to break the rules and get entangled in so many strings. So, you better have a check-list ready before you go ahead with your fling this spring.

Single or not, here I come!

It is a big no no if you wish to have a fling if either you or the ‘person of interest’ is not single. However, if you are free of strings, then swim in the pool of romance for all you like. Beware of those who claim to be single but aren’t, and even the under-age kids on a spring break looking to have a crazy time by seducing you. How do you find out about the other person? Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have made it all so easy right now. So go through their profiles as you talk to them, and see if they are under-age or in a relationship before proceeding towards the fling.

Stalker on the beach

If you are being hit on, and you like the attention, well that’s good. However, if you are in a relationship, resist the temptation of cheating on your partner and stay away from the person. Despite ignoring, some people just don’t get the right message. So, if someone is continuously after you for a fling, ditch all the subtle hinting and explain in plain language about the fact that you are NOT interested and that you are in a relationship.

No strings attached

As you fling your superficial feelings, don’t get too attached and expect too much from this relationship. Most times, the other person would not be interested in anything more than a fling, and so it is best to keep away strings.

I am smitten!

Well, if you are, and the other person responds, then you have no problem. When the other person is not interested, there is no confusion about this issue. Move on! Haven’t we covered this before with the no strings part?

Young, drunk, and stupid

A vacation is the time to let your hair down, relax, and fool around. While you are drunk, and having fun, don’t do stupid things that you would regret when winter comes.

Have a fun and safe fling!