Yes, I’m a foodie. I’m a vegetarian foodie contributing to this amazing website called in Bangalore. Apart from the regular online reviews about restaurants, TownTrendz with its reviewer community focuses on helping you discover what dishes to order when you sit at a restaurant table with a menu in your hand, dazed as you are confused by the extensive choices. As TT contributors we do not always harp on what’s bad at a restaurant (Let’s face it, if it’s bad, the message is DO NOT ORDER), but to impress upon what is good even at those eatouts that are scorned upon (When people tell you don’t order this, don’t order that, your mind begins to question, “Ok, What should i order?”) .

One of the exciting features of TT includes video reviews (pictures can describe better than words, right?). The best part is that this foodie community is open to everyone who loves food. So if you are a Bangalorean, and you love food, you are welcome to just sign up for free and be a part of the TT foodie community.

Watch some of the TT reviews at their YouTube Channel:

I’m looking for some great healthy eatouts to review, have you come across anything in Bangalore? List them in the comments below.