You are great company too! Take a chance to discover yourself.

There are some people who can just pack their bags and head out on a trip all alone. Then there are those who have this secret wish to be of the first kind. Regardless, we think everyone should travel alone at least once in their lifetime. Check out these reasons, give into the persuasion and wander off on your first solo tour.

It’s nothing like the movies

The minute you step out of your house, your fears and insecurities will disappear. With that, your perspective of the world will completely change. It’s not as scary as the books or movies, and you’ll get to experience this firsthand. Take your time to soak the beauty around you leaving behind the shackles of worry and anxiety. 

Travel alone and meet new people 

When you travel alone, you get to socialize with other travelers and the locals. You can broaden your mind to accommodate new cultures and experiences. You are more approachable to other travelers, so while you are alone at the beach or a diner, they might just walk up to you and extend an invitation to a fun party or an adventure tour?

On your own terms

You don’t have to toss a coin or play Rock, Paper, Scissors! to decide whose choice gets precedence. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want on your solo trip. Go shopping all day long or sleep in for three days. It’s your trip and you are the skipper!

Enjoy your own company

We spend so much time with people and gadgets, that most of us have forgotten how it feels to have some quality ‘me’ time. This will be a tour of self-discovery that will help you realize that you are great company too. Some time away from your world will give way to much-needed clarity. Reflect on your life and discover things that truly make you happy. You’ll see that these are life changing experiences that will turn you into a completely different person when you return.

Perks of the travel

Single travelers always get the best perks. You do not have to wait in a long line and lose hours for every ride at places like Universal Studios or Disney Land. Just cut through the crowd and enter the single rider’s aisle. For some reason, the service at resorts, hotels, and restaurants is remarkably better. They tend to give you an upgrade, breakfast or a cocktail ‘on the house’. You go, traveler!

Independence is empowering

Being alone is not synonymous with being lonely. Your travel alone will motivate you to be happy and independent even when you are alone, not just on your trip, but even in your life. So, if you just lost a job or went through a bad breakup, book a ticket to your favorite place and fly away for a couple of days. You’ll be back as a stronger better person.

Fill a book

A solo travel can teach you so much more than traveling with friends. Learn from your experiences and apply it to your life. Maybe you could write a book about it and turn it into a best seller.

Now flying solo (we mean traveling solo) sounds more alluring, eh?


This article was originally written for TownTrendz Bengaluru, Issue 1.