There are some people who live by it, some who advocate against it, and some who preach the importance of believing in inner beauty. No matter what anyone says, beauty will always be judged by appearance, and that is how the world is today.

The bar for beauty is held very high in the world today with media propagating a world-wide hype on the subject. Fashion magazines, movies, music videos, and any visual media show beautiful women to be skinny, with flawless skin, perfect lips, and eyes. Most of these magazines analyze celebrity ‘looks’ providing a makeup breakdown for other women to follow.

Everyone tries to wrap their head around makeup, as the concept keeps changing.  During a certain period of time in history, makeup was supposed to give a person a completely different identity – like dressing up for Halloween or scaring animals in the case of Stone Age humans. Later, makeup changed into a tool to make people look more beautiful – thanks to the invention of television – making every woman aspire to have red lips, glowing fair skin, dark eyelashes, and more. The Madonna age passed, and now we are in the ironic age where makeup is aimed at making you look more natural.

There are over a thousand articles and videos on nude makeup or how to do the no makeup look. The question is – What is the point of nude makeup or no makeup look?  It is just to hide flaws like wrinkles, lines, pigmentation, blemishes, dark circles, and more. The trend is addictive as it propagates the idea of flawless natural beauty at any age.

The cosmetic industry is thriving on the nude makeup trend releasing bronzers, concealers, and a whole load of products that can help women hide their flaws better. Simultaneously, brands are also releasing products that can be combined with a nude look like popping colored lip stains, or light glitter eyeshades that are subtle and can suit various occasions.

Outdated Makeup Trends: unnatural lip stains, heavy foundation, bold colored eye shades, blusher under the apples of the cheeks, thick eyeliner.

Verdict: Ironic, yet Refreshing.