Turn around once as you walk away,
You know she’ll wait until your figure fades,
Against the setting sun, as you merge with the horizon,
Her eyes searching for yours in vain.

Say something to save her soul,
She’s straining her ears hard to find a way home
Don’t abandon her in this wretched land
Where she knows no soul, where comfort is a word unheard.

Where’s your heart been all this while?
Where’s your memory of her smile?
Her warmth, the love that saved you from a fall,
You have now left her to be mauled.

Despair creeps upon her like the sun on you,
As you rest on the beach trying to ignore her calls,
Turn around once, look at that face,
You’ll see that you never changed for once, not in her eyes.

She doesn’t understand, she doesn’t know where she wronged,
She blames herself for this prison that she’s dying in,
She is unaware that you changed your mind,
That your heart fell out somewhere and she cannot rewind.

Turn around once as you cast her away,
You’ll know what love truly is, it’s not just a game,
Turn around once you’ll find your heart,
She kept it safe, all this time so you’ll never be apart.

Turn around once as you walk away.