It’s very hot here in UAE and my mind screams ice cream every minute from dawn to dusk. I love trying funky mocktails and it didn’t take long to turn the same quirk towards weird ice cream flavors. You wouldn’t believe the ghastly treats out there waiting to make you scream “I don’t want that ice cream!” Well, it has that effect on me. I don’t know about you. Find out for yourself as Reads presents the list of weird ice cream flavors in the world.

  1. Cheeseburger Ice Cream

    cheeseburger icecream Weird Ice cream Flavors
    source: pinterest

    Ordering one at Burger King, McDonald’s or KFC may seem alright, but at Venezuela’s Heladeria Coromoto taking a bite of cheeseburger would being several new levels of sinful indulgence. This is no cheeseburger ice cream sandwich but a flavor blend of meat, cheese, fries and the ice cream parlor’s treasured recipe of secret ingredients. Are you tempted for a cheeseburger ice cream?

  2. Royal Baby Gaga Ice Cream

    royal baby gaga icecream Weird Ice cream Flavors
    source: techtimes

    The world went gaga when Matt O’Connor invented and launched this vanilla flavor with pops of lemon zest at The Icecreamists in London. Named after the musical icon Lady Gaga herself for its unconventional yet trend setting nature, this flavor generated more buzz when it was relaunched after the birth of the royal baby. It’s new, interesting, most controversial and made out of breast milk. We all love anything that’s pure, natural and organic. So what do you say about heading to this store for a scoop of Baby Gaga?

  3. Grass Ice Cream

    grass icecream Weird Ice cream Flavors
    source: theboltnewsletter

    Matt O’Connor at The Icecreamists is no stranger to curious flavors that are down to earth. He takes this commitment quite literally with the offering of grass, pine needles and hay flavored ice creams created by Ahrash Akbari-Kalhur at Chin Chin Laboratories. Are you the person who says grass is just for cows, or do you dare to order a scoop?

  4. Kimchi & Rice Ice Cream

    kimchi & rice icecream Weird Ice cream Flavors
    source: salt&straw

    How do you prefer fermented food? I’d rather have them in bottles than a scoop. As a seasonal offering, Salt & Straw in Portland, USA, listed an ice cream flavor blend of hot pickled Korean vegetables and jasmine rice with a dressing of chocolate-covered kimchi and kimchi caramel sauce on their menu. If it was on the menu at a restaurant near you, would you stomach it?

  5. Bugs Ice Cream

    bug icecream Weird Ice cream Flavors
    source: usatoday

    The world is not real without bugs in ice cream. Well, when they use chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts, rice crisps and fruits to add texture to a tub of silky smooth vanilla, why not toss in a few crunchy bugs? Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream in Columbia, USA, sold Cicada flavored ice cream with bugs coated in brown sugar and milk chocolate, swirled around in vanilla ice cream with a topping of cicada wings. Salt & Straw jumped in on some Halloween fun last year with edible grasshoppers and ants mixed in their scoops of icy deliciousness. The trend is rising, and it seems like we should be thinking of entomophagy already.

  6. Beans and Seafood Ice Cream

    fish icecream Weird Ice cream Flavors
    source: huffingtonpostUK

    Just like bean flavored jams, pastries and ice creams floating around supermarket shelves, there’s also a whole stock of seafood flavored ice creams waiting for you to explore. As you would have guessed by now, the origins trace back to the Far East, where the secret to longevity partly lies in consuming a lot of fish and beans. Jellyfish, Sharkfin, Eel, Squid Ink, Octopus, Crab, Lobster, Shrimp, Fish (Assorted) are available across supermarkets and ice cream parlors. Do you love fish enough to make it a part of every course of your meal? Must read on Buzzfeed World’s oddest Puddings

  7. Egg Ice Cream

    crocodile egg icecream Weird Ice cream Flavors
    source: foodbeast

    Eggs are used in making ice cream and technically do not fall under the category of weird ice cream flavors as long as those eggs come from a hen. We are talking about crocodile eggs here, and they are bound to have a different flavor. People in the Philippines rave about the creamy and delicious scoops of Durian Dynamite at Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream in Davo City. The secret ingredient is replacing chicken eggs with croc eggs, and offsetting whatever weird flavor it creates by adding the all too powerful sweet essence of durianThe owner Bianca Dizon claims that the croc eggs have less cholesterol, more protein, and therefore more nutritious than regular ice cream. Seems like demand has all to do with healthy and nothing to do with novelty.

  8. Meat Ice Cream

    meat icecream Weird Ice cream Flavors
    source: themarysue

    Beef tongue, raw horse, haggis, bacon, ham, chicken, chorizo and the list goes on for the things that shouldn’t be but are in ice cream.

Anywhere you go in the world, you are bound to come across at least one if not all of these weird ice cream flavors and the novelty will certainly attract you towards it. A great hand behind the machine will play with the flavors and create something that will entice you, but more often than not, you might find yourself hurling in an alley behind the parlor, or swearing off all ice cream for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, let your adventurous side run free, and there’ll always be something out there in the midst of shockers waiting to surprise you.