Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s the fairest of them all?
The mirror said : You my lady!

Hmm… Why did the mirror say that? How could it assess people like that?  A mirror simply reflects anyone who stands in front of it. But this is a magic mirror. It compares everyone in the world and finds out who’s the best one. The one who stands out. I’m just applying logic. It’s simply not possible. Something’s wrong. And besides, this stupid fairytale must be where it all started.  You don’t get what I’m saying do you? Read on, you will eventually get there.
No two people are alike, ever if you consider mirror twins ( One’s left handed and the other right handed). Quite certainly there are over countless features related to human nature. And every person may have let’s say around 10% of the total features. That 10% definitely involves 5% good and 5%bad ( Everything in the universe is balanced ). Each 10% is composed of a permutation and combination of the features. So no two people have the same 10%. Are you with me so far?
Now we have established that there are no alike people in the world. Similar maybe.. But not the same. Now.. This means that each person is unique. And when a person is unique, there’s noone to be compared with. And thus, we cannot say who is better. But the mirror chooses… Why?
From the stone age till this date, man has always copied. He has evolved scientifically by copying nature. Whatever was natural, he made it artificially and he was a better man who was able to live a comfortable life. This is the aim of the human race : Comfortable life. Science can be developed by copying nature. But can the same be applied to way of life?
Each individual, is unique. A nature of his own to flaunt, to perfect, to express, and thus to live by. But over the ages, the humans are more interested in the neighbour, who wears nice clothes, who has an Australian accent, who walks like a super model, and talks like a TV anchor. Everybody wants to be like another person, and as the chain grows, Everybody turn into another person. Clones come into existence.  There’s an army of people who are alike. And now it is easy to pick who’s the fairest of them all… The one who ‘acts’ normal the best, is the fairest. The individual self is lost behind the smoke screens and walls one builds around the inner self.
Someone once said, “The flutter of the wings of a butterfly in a part of the world can bring a hurricane on the other part.” Clones are generated this way. With a single role model for every person, and each person being connected to another in the world. there’s just a tornado that keeps going round and round and never stops until everything in its reach is destroyed. Nothing can survive a tornado…
There is no necessity to ‘ape’, for that’s a trait of the apes. We are human. We are more advanced. We are clever enough to understand that its the difference between two people is what makes them both beautiful. They may be opposites, they may complete each other. But that balance is required for a harmonious life. No. This is not about soulmates. This is to the entire world population.  If one lives life, in his true self, he will bring a radical change in his environment. Colours of a rainbow compliment each other and make a beautiful sight. That’s how everything in nature works. Everything is unique and one ought to let it be unique and not tamper with it.
Mirror reflects your mind. Do not compare yourself to someone out there. They are nothing like you. Remember YOU ARE UNIQUE.
Close your eyes. See yourself for who you are. Tell yourself you are beautiful just the way you are. And you will find that you truly are one of a kind. That feeling will keep the smile on your face beaming longer and brighter until your last breath. You are you for a reason. Break through the shackles that forve you to be someone else. Kill that thought in your mind. And just be yourself.
Stand before your mirror now and say:
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all?
The mirror stays silent,
You can see yourself.
©Copyright Shruti Suresh