I love bubbles, rain, dogs, sea and cauliflower! It doesn’t matter which part of the world I travel to, these things have always remained close to my heart. I have noticed while growing up, a lot of my favorites were quick to get photoshopped, probably because of a change in pace or scenery, but nothing brought them all back on the list like being in Dubai.

It has been two months, and people have been overwhelming me with the same question – What is so amazing about Dubai? I have been at a loss for words to explain the phenomenon, and sometimes, I haven’t quite understood it myself. Today, I realized what it really is. Inspiration. This is a city that inspires you to live. Yes you might say going to New York, Paris or Italy does the same thing. I do not know; I have never been there. From where I stand, Dubai is a place for luxury. You don’t just live, you live in style. Even if you have just a few bucks in your pocket, the ache for a life of luxury inspires you to fulfill all dreams and work on wishes harder than you ever have before.

When everything whizzes around you, you tend to stop.

  1. fast-paced

    We are all in a rat race every day of our lives. Dubai is a fast paced city, where everything whizzes past you, leaving you so dazed. When I was new to the city, for a moment, I felt inclined to join the race. Instead, I listened intently to the rushing noises that seemed to soothe the nerves and urged me to stop. I listened, and looked around at the world which seemed to be in a hyperlapse mode, providing me with lessons of clarity whenever I needed it.

    You appreciate the human brain.

    I dreaded coming to the desert, where I’d have to sweat in the heat leaving behind my sweet cloudy hometown where it rained every now and then. Somehow, the clouds favored me, and began to shower. I began to appreciate nature, but beyond the dew drops, I saw what everyone was talking about – a civilization in the desert. I found myself in awe thinking about the people who raised one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world in the middle of nowhere. It is true. There is nothing the human brain can’t do. This inspired me into thinking, “There is nothing I couldn’t do”.

    Be your best. Everyone else is.

    Oh! It was the first time I began to really noticed how beautiful people really are! No matter what age, shape or size, everyone here is so so beautiful. Maybe it is the air, but really it is their confidence. They are the best they can be, even if they are wearing pajamas and two day old hair. Even the homeless don’t look homeless, so why shouldn’t I be my best?

    Life is not all about work.The-Simpsons-05x09-The-Last-Temptation-Of-Homer

    When you have enough time on your hands to walk around and chill (as others seem to call it), you look at how many people are on the metro and bus every day all day trying to get to and from work. If you are spending four hours a day in traffic, and probably ten at work, let’s give you seven hours of sleep, and three hours at most to spend time with family including your miscellaneous activities, what kind of work-life balance are you having? We have just about 3000 weekends in our life span. Are you really going to work like an ox just to play in those three hours every weekday and less than 2000 weekends you have left? I’m going to live more.

    Just Chill.chillin_pbear

    This spirit of loving life and busting stress by hanging out with loved ones until late night regardless of whether is moon goes down or the sun comes up, is quite intriguing. This is truly a city that never sleeps, and inspires anyone – even the worst workaholic – to just let everything loose until the stress shakes off. You can resume the rat race at 9 AM anyway.

    The beach, the malls, and the food stalls!Dubai Diaries ndtv

    Take a walk to your favorite places. Ride the bus, the train, or hail a cab. There is no place for boredom when you are in Dubai. Restaurants, malls, beaches, resorts, desert safari, Palm island, Burj Khalifa, and Miracle Garden are just some attractive places you can drop by every weekend for a taste of inspiration. For a complete guide, tune into Dubai Diaries on NDTVGoodtimes every Thursday at 8 PM IST.

    Eat your heart out.dip-spread-

    If you are happy and you know, eat your fill. If you are low and don’t you what to do, eat a cupcake. There’s a bite for every mood, and we don’t really need a reason to taste something, do we? I did take a break from food exploration for a while back there, but now I am back on the streets. Sandwiches, quesadilla, cheesecake, bubble tea, and more seem to spark some life into me. There’s so much more to discover, and my heart is set on street food this time.

    Fall in love with yourselfc20ad4d76fe97759aa27a0c99bff6710_1429531576

    They say traveling makes you fall in love with yourself. These horizons have certainly helped me gain a new perspective about life. I have fallen in love with the city, I have fallen in love with myself all over again. My list of favorites is now long. I still love bubbles, rain, dogs, sea and cauliflower. Coming to think of it, I haven’t seen a dog since I got here.