Are you agoraphobic? (Psst, it is an anxiety disorder where a person panics in outdoor environment and often holes up indoors) No? Well, then this article definitely applies to you.

We all spend a lot of time travelling by road. Whether it is to school, college, work, mall, or even to a friend’s place, we use road transport. Some walk or cycle, while others take their bikes, some travel by car, or take the public transport. Regardless of what the mode of transport is or even whether we are at the driver’s seat, we all have a road sense. The way we behave on the road has a lot to say about our personalities. Pay attention, it could help you learn a lot about that cute guy you want to date, or even about that woman you were considering to work for.

Mirror ditchers

Is your bike too cool for a rear-view mirror, or do you think others should be more careful while driving around you?  Either way, people who don’t bother looking into their rear-view mirror, or even install one are likely to be the ones looking into a mirror at their own reflections at the first chance they get. Quite obviously, their personalities are similar to their road sense, leaning more towards narcissism . They are often found in conversations that revolve around the popular topic “me! me! me!” and get bored of listening to anything else. Furthermore, they do tend to imbibe new traits from other personalities who they find most appealing. In many cases, these model personalities tend to fall under the same category.

The Curse Engine

Road rage is one thing, curse engine is another. Right from the moment they board the vehicle till they reach their destination, the curse engines keep the curse wording flowing. They may be walking or riding pillion, yet their surroundings act as a constant stimulus, causing them to comment on someone’s clothes, weather, behavior or even driving skills. The curse engines are those who are quite disturbed and affected easily by their immediate environment. They dream of perfectionism and anything out of place continuously irks them to a point of being under constant stress. Don’t be surprised if they like staying indoors during the weekends. So much criticism can be quite exhausting.

The space hoarders

Do you remember the “Crooked Man who walked the crooked mile” rhyme? Space hoarders must be the descendants of the mythical crooked man. Mostly bikers and cyclists, sometimes even the daring auto drivers of India, the space hoarders keep their eyes out for a way out of their current position as if they are in a race to get out of a maze. It doesn’t matter if they have to squeeze through two monstrous trucks or even topple a poor bystanders on a sidewalk, they hurry through the packed roads to get to their destination as if even a moment’s delay could cause a catastrophe in their lives. Like their road sense, these people usually hurry through their lives as well, looking to get to tomorrow, hardly paying attention to the beauty of the present. Although they experience the rush of adrenaline and the joy of reaching place far ahead of their peers, most space hoarders miss out on some important moments in life, feeling quite incomplete at the end of the race.

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