Print Magazines Declining Readership

Would you rather buy a magazine off the shelf or read an article on your smartphone?

As millenials rise in numbers, print magazines see rapidly declining readership thrusting print-focused publishers into a deep state of anxiety over the future of the industry. Needless to say, the shift is due to the booming success of digital media consumption, attributing to the endless hours spent by an average person on a smart device.

There is always a population that leans more towards the feel of crisp paper, and the smell of ink, thanks to whom publishers are still afloat. However, it doesn’t offset the glaring loss in ad revenue and decline in subscription over the past decade.

Some say newspapers and magazines may never go out of style, even if Twitter, online publishers and broadcasters are a popular choice for obtaining information. I say, the war ended the minute smartphones replaced magazines for toilet reading material.

Environment consciousness has a hand in driving this change, along with a need to conserve resources. Why cut trees for the cause (or invest in paper, print, distribution and more) while you could use empty space online, and harness the power of digital marketing? Furthermore, the rising demand for digital content is creating a large space with equal opportunities for publishers inviting them to cast wider nets with little effort.

The pocket-friendliness of online publishing is also a major fact in attracting readers not just in cost of a read, but even in its weight. Isn’t it easier to carry a Tablet around with you with a subscription for Magzter and a few favorite news/mag apps rather than heaving a bunch of them in your tote?

Yes, it does feel good to turn a page every once in a while and hear that all-too-familiar rustle, but Kindle has made sure that doesn’t come between us and a good read. I probably cannot survive without printed books, but I cannot say the same for magazines and news.

With several print magazines shutting down every year, and fewer launching this year, I was wondering, would the world end if there were no print magazines on the shelves?