yana sizzlers

Confession time. Although I have been in Bengaluru all my life, I never really ventured out of the Jayanagar-Gandhibazaar area until a few years ago. Koramangala has always seemed like the forbidden jungle of restaurants that I was never able to explore. Lately, I have been scaling those mysterious obstacles keeping me away, and am I glad that Yana Sizzlers is one of the first few restaurants that I walked into on this foodie voyage!

Yana meaning “Please come again” in Marathi, is an apt name for this cove. It was launched about 12 years ago in Pune by Vivek Vaid and partners. Today, the restaurant proudly serves thousands of customers across three branches (two in Pune and one in Bengaluru), owing to its innovative menu, delicious food, zealous service and beautiful ambiance.

It is a simple yet elegant two-storeyed restaurant with beautiful lights, rustic walls and tables. We were given a warm welcome from the Vaid family and seated downstairs in the bright lit area that led to the kitchen. The wall decale of a little mexican chef adds to the whole fusion Mexican Sizzler experience at Yana, the rush of emotions you get while you enter, leaves you feeling excited, expectant, and hungry for what is about to surprise you.

I was told before that the Veg Sizzler choices extend to a whole page, was I surprised to see it was true! In fact, they do have an equal veg and meat options on the menu across all sections. Challenging the notion that vegetarians don’t have many choices, the Vaids have thrown in plenty of delightful dishes onto this menu, displaying equality among veggie and meat lovers.

It’s getting hotter every day here in Benguluru, so the course was well planned. In came the mocktails to help us quench our thirst. They all came with their own flavors of quirk and felt great to sit and slurp. Drink your eyes in when you order up. My pick was the Grape Margarita with its sour citric tones and refreshing hits from the sweet soda that felt just right for the day. The Mango Blast is also a great choice for aam lovers, as a lovely culmination of alphonso and vanilla icecream to keep you asking for me. If you love Blue Curacao, that Blue Bird is your drink, while Kiwi CoolerBoo Special, Iced Tea and Fresh Lime Soda is a safe choice for the skeptics.


Look forward to your entree and main course at Yana, as it might blow your mind away. You hear of Chicken Lollipop. Some people shy away, some wish there was a veg version. I’m sure that even those who’d shy away would certainly order up a veg version at Yana. Yes. They understand the pangs. Colored to resemble its meat counterpart, the Veg Lollipop is just as enjoyable with minced vegetables fried up in a batter and on a stick served with a tasty Mexican sauce. Soon after this came the Veg Spring Roll which was my favorite entree here. Crispy golden on the outside with flavorful vegetables on the inside and a yummy dip for sides. The Mexican Paneer Bell Pepper Rolls was an Indo-Mexican dish that made quite a great impression on the palate. Another dish that had us diving in for seconds was Paneer with Lemon Garlic Chilli. It was just as the name says it with bangs of flavor.

With so much excitement spinning around the starters, we couldn’t wait for the sizzlers. It all began with Macaroni Satellite with steamy hot macaroni, cheese, vegetables and sizzling veg steak, followed by Cottage Cheese Exotic Veg, which was then followed by Paneer Shashlik, and again Barbecue Stuffed Mushrooms, and finally Mushroom Manchurian.Take a look at Yana’s 13-page menu and you’ll find that the list of sizzlers extends to about 5 pages spanning Veg, Chicken, Lamb, Seafood, Mexican, Jamaican and Barbecue. Each of the sizzlers came with the best combination of sauces among sweet & sour, hot chilly, mushroom, garlic pepper, peri peri, oyster, schezwan and hot garlic. This time I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. I’m salivating just at the thought of those sizzlers. Gotta get me some more this weekend!

It’s a shame I had to leave early, so I got to taste only one piece of Yana’s dessert tray – Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla & Hot Chocolate. Making of a dessert is an art. Pouring the hot chocolate over it and getting everyone to stare and salivate in awe as it sizzles – performance. This is one dessert you must try here, although I have been told that their Sizzling Apple Pie with Vanilla & Apple Sauce, as well as Banana Walnut Cake with Butterscotch make way to the board of house specials.

Walk into Yana some day. You’ll see it is a place born out of passion. Take a seat at Yana some time. You’ll feel like someone took great care in choosing it for you. Enjoy a meal at Yana for true to its name, you will visit again. I know I will.

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